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About Us

At YIRUI Pharmaceutical Technology, we are committed to providing innovative therapeutic solutions, which are anticipated to improve health of patients with serious disease and fill the urgent unmet medical needs.

YIRUI Pharmaceutical Technology was founded in June 2018. We are currently in a period of rapid growth. With an extraordinarily talented team consisting of experienced pharmaceutical scientists, physicians and executives, we have identified and optimized a number of lead compounds against the first-in-class targets, which show high therapeutic potential for the treatment and prevention of chronic skin diseases, autoimmune disorders, diabetes complications and other serious diseases.

By focusing on small molecule drugs development and patient-centered research, our perspective is to bring more and more safe, effective and affordable drugs with high quality to the largest number of patients.

Pipeline Products


Through successful collaboration, YIRUI has built a broad and consolidated alliance with universities, research centers, production and marketing facilities, drug chain management and drug sales platforms. Each partnership continues to bring us closer toward our mission and turn our strategic vision into realities.

In addition to our own research and development, we are continously looking for valuable collaboration with pharmaceutical companies worldwide that allow us to strengthen our portfolio and pipeline, to share our values and to help more patients in timely manner. If you believe that your work and product would support YIRUI to achieve the goal, please reach out to us.


We are an innovative and professional drug discovery team. If you are passionate about pharmaceutical development and research, and are willing to join the limitless and interesting journey of new drug discovery and to help patients, welcome to join YIRUI team and realize our common dream.